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You Are Not Alone

False Accusation Support Organization:  An organization

created for clear information, advice, experience, and

support for anyone who has been a victim of a false


False Accusation


Despite the truth, normal citizens in United States, with nothing to hide, can become a victim of a process that is so detrimental it has ended the lives of kind, genuine and innocent people.


What Are the Facts?


With Hollywood following people like Harvey Weinstein, Christina Ford, and Lious C.K it is easy to see why people should be worried about being a victim of domestic abuse or sexual assault.  However, lets examine the statistics and look at it more objectively



An open forum where people of all races and gender can come together from a common pain and ask advice, vent, and support during what is quite arguably one of the most stressful time during a person's life.



           The FASO USA is a grass roots organization that was created for the common goal of creating a supportive environment for men, woman, and others to come together as a community and help each other during such a difficult process.  The movement of victims of the falsely accused is gaining momentum, but at the same time there is a lot that is unknown.  In today's victim like mentality we find ourselves siding with the victim regardless of truth or fiction.  While every man, woman, and other should be believed and heard we should also follow the due process laws that are guaranteed to us in the Constitution.  Unfortunately, what we find out is that by simply being accused you are persecuted, treated indignantly, and incur financial loss, all based on the words of a person.  

          While we have found out cases that have merit we have also found cases that don't meet the requirements by law and order, yet the accused has been reprimanded anyway. Some most notably Brian Banks, Dewey Bozella, David Coperfield, Charles Butler Mcvay III, Paul Reubens have been victims of a broken process, went to jail and some even committed suicide from the stress.  FASO USA aims to help combat the injustice that occurs from a broken justice system whether it's military or civilian.  We provide outlets for legal counsel, support, and shared experiences to help fortify the innocent.




Eric James Harlow

Portsmouth, VA, 23708


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